In honor of the 20th issue of BOYSLUT, I’m giving you a special edition issue.
Best. Birthday. Ever.
BOYSLUT ISSUE 27: People often ask me, "How many folks have you fucked in a single day?" Here's the full ass answer.
BOYSLUT ISSUE 35: This is what happens when you have a three-ways with friends.
To have a threesome with the King of Bi Porn and my OnlyFans Crush? I can now die a happy man.
He got more than he paid for.
Cum find me at the Crunch on 19th St.
Soldiers were shooting loads everywhere. Men were trapped behind enemy lines. There was chaos, carnage, and cum. This essay is part II of II.
Bisexuals do it better.
BOYSLUT ISSUE 32: The basement of Main Building began as a place to sexually explore without inhibitions. Everything changed by the end.
BOYSLUT ISSUE 39: The only thing I love more than picking up guys solo, is picking up guys with my man.
So much chest hair. So much bush. So much cum.